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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

– Alan Kay

Helping businesses to scale through strategic innovation
& new business model design

Strategic positioning

Growth strategy

Business Model Design

Value propositions

If there is a way to create something even better, we will help you find it. And there is always a way to do things better.

What we do

We support large corporations & scale-ups with defining new value propositions, on strategic innovation and future proof business model design.

Strategic Growth

Strategic market positioning

Innovative business model design

Value positioning

Dare to disrupt

More than profit business

In this 21st century, brands and businesses need to stand for something – have a mission. Their target audience demands it.

More-than-profit business has been on the rise, allowing companies to focus on giving back and making the world a better place, while leveraging the advantages of being a for-profit company.

At Ofori & Company we have been on the forefront of this movement allowing us to design highly innovative business models that are sustainable too.

Kimberly Ofori

Kimberly Ofori

Strategic Innovation partner & MD

The future of business is here. Are you ready?

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