to innovate

Is your business future-proof ?

The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Alan Kay once said.
And how applicable it is to our way of life and to the business climate today. Gone are the days when simply having a good product would secure the company’s future for the next few decades or so.

Nowadays, entire industries are being disrupted with the help of technological advancements and rapidly changing socio-economic standards.

And yet, a common denominator can be found when observing some of the worlds most successful and dynamic companies – its people.

At Ofori & Company we have been unlocking rapid growth and scaling businesses by utilising your most prized asset.

Are you ready to give your people the power to innovate in order to elevate your business to the next level?

Kimberly Ofori

Founding Partner

About Ofori & Company

At Ofori & Company we strategise for (international) growth, co – design highly innovative & sustainable business models, and help optimise teams to bring your business operations to the next level.

How we do it? By activating and unlocking your team’s creative problem solving skills and implementing practical tooling to guide innovation processes that create a platform for continuous growth. Not just for today, but for years to come.

Who we
work with

We work together with multinationals looking to innovate in old economies and facilitate start-ups and scale-ups to firmly position themselves in highly competitive markets.

We are not your typical consulting agency, we are your long term partners in growth.

This is what we believe

We don't think 'out of the box'. We believe there shouldn't be a box in the first place.

A culture of growth can be taught. So teach them.

Applied cognitive diversity powers innovation.

Empowered teams power your business.

How we help
you innovate

Creativity & Innovation training (1-2 days)
This highly interactive learning experience is tailored to help teams co-create, collaborate and innovate.

“These two days have shown me that challenging the status quo is necessary to innovate and make our jobs easier.” – VP

Creativity &
Innovation training

Business model
innovation sessions

growth strategy

Powerful tools to innovate - not once, but time and time again

Drive and excitement to solve challenges in the organisation

Motivation to increase their creativity... and the organisation's profitability


Business model innovation sessions (1-5 days)
This highly engaging experience helps teams to become business solution finders that fit and concludes with actual results.

                   “I won’t be afraid to bring up ideas. I will be more aware of the role creativity can play in defining profitable solutions. – Snr. manager


In-company growth strategy consulting
Sometimes, bringing in fresh eyes and different perspectives for an extended period of time gets you the best results.

Especially for established companies with longer change and implementation cycles due to the complexity or size of the business – having a more in-depth and tailored approach to strategising for growth could be beneficial. Good thing we have a number of ways to facilitate that.

Solutions may include: