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At Ofori & Company we believe that in order to solve the worlds most pressing problems, we need to develop solutions that can impact at scale. This is why we have made it our mission to support the businesses the world needs tomorrow. Today. 

Changing the face of business together

Today, entire industries are being disrupted thanks to technological advancements and rapidly changing socio-economic factors.

At Ofori & Company we have been unlocking sustainable growth for industry pioneers and change-makers for years. Together with our strategy consultants and industry experts we support the companies that are on a mission to positively impact our lives today and towards the future.

Companies served



Growth strategy

Change the way you position yourself in the market. Using our acclaimed growth methodology we support you to amplify the value you bring and translate this into sustainable growth strategies.

Business Model Innovation


We are business model design experts, making us well positioned to innovate on existing business models that align with where your organisation stands today and are agile enough to strategically propel you towards the future.

Future proof organisation

Traditional methods of assessing organisational performance are no longer adequate in today’s economy. Value creation in today’s companies is increasingly represented in the previously intangible drivers like innovation, people, ideas, and brand. Learn how we support companies to achieve enormous advantage in their ability to future proof their organisation.

Your financial voyage is an ongoing process. Regular evaluations of your mutual fund investments are pivotal to ensure alignment with your objectives. Fluctuations in market values necessitate periodic rebalancing for optimal risk and return management.

What our clients say

In a short period of time has been insightful in helping us understand the future design/focus of the business and how to scale it. Able to make really effective use of time to get to the heart of things, understanding the business and it's focus.

Really stood out, providing tangible advice that helped to think more strategically and offering plenty of big picture strategic advice on scaling.

We rediscovered the company’s strengths and were adequately supported on how to fill the gaps

Nailed all the barriers we faced in the business and gave incredibly valuable support on what to do next.

Knowledge of how to grow and scale a business is unparalleled.

Working together all these years has been impactful and transformational to the company.

Building the future we want, together.

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We enable fast growing companies to scale strategically and support enterprises in building sustainable, future proof businesses.

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